2018 – Jan Decorte is returning to his legendary adaptations of Hamlet. The unconventional theatre director and author has rewritten, directed, and performed Shakespeare’s classic numerous times over the years. The iconic character’s irresolute nature continues to fascinate both Decorte and Sigrid Vinks. It is time to burrow into Hamlet’s soul… but not alone! With the help of the youngest generation of theatre performers – drama students Ellis Meeusen and Lisah Adeaga – they explore Hamlet in depth. By recycling all the different versions, they create a new ‘Hamletmachine’, but this is one for the 21st century. Using fragments and scraps of texts from the past, Decorte redefines the primal conflicts of human existence.

Jan Decorte has more than 50 productions to his name, each of which focuses on the grotesque suffering of humanity. Following his most recent Stand Down and Ne Swarte – in which he talked about his eventful life in both raw and tender terms – he is now returning to a classic in the theatre canon.



production:  Bloet / Jan Decorte & Sigrid Vinks
coproduction: Kaaitheater
text : Jan Decorte
with: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Ellis Meeusen, Lisah Adeaga
scenography:  Johan Daenen
costumes: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks
lighting: Luc Schaltin
video: Nelson Polfliet


05/10/201820.30uKaaitheater Brussel
06/10/201820.30uKaaitheater Brussel
09/10/201814.00uBronks Brussel
11/10/201820.00uStadsschouwburg Brugge
13/10/201820.00uDe Spil Roeselare
17/10/201820.15uCC Maasmechelen
25/10/201820.00uToneelhuis Antwerpen
26/10/201820.00uToneelhuis Antwerpen
31/10/201820.30uToneelschuur Haarlem
06/11/201820.00uNTGent Minard
07/11/201820.00uNTGent Minard
09/11/201820.00uPumpenhaus Münster
10/11/201820.00uPumpenhaus Münster
14/11/201820.15uDe Werft Geel
24/11/201820.30uTheater Rotterdam